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Meeting Report - 7/2/2024

MCCC League Competition 5 (Open) with Bill Preston

As the season draws closer to the end, we held competition 5, an open competition judged by Bill Preston. There was still everything to play for, stuck down by a cold, even though caring is sharing, I was gutted to not be able to attend. Not all was lost, as we are still a hybrid club, keeping our Zoom facility long after the Covid restrictions packed their bags, I was able to dial in from the comfort of my own home. Another plus point to joining our club over some others.

Bill talked us through the inner working of his mind, interlinked with humour, It was clear Bill was not going to take any prisoners, especially if there were any distractions in your shot. He liked what he liked and he definitely liked something a bit different, but not too out there. With may years on the circuit and having seen so many shots, I suppose it just takes something a little different to peak his interest. The leader board of this competitions was very much different to what we have been seeing all season.

The other tip Bill gave was to make sure your title matches your shot. Right or wrong he had his own unique style. This was definitely a time to remember that photography was subjective.

5th Approaching storm
4th Twr Mawr Lighthouse
3rd Common Terns with Catch
2nd Reflections on Ladybower
1st Rush Hour
1st Great grey owl ready to hunt
3rd Docks at Dusk

2nd Cheetah Cubs with Mother

4th Fallow Deer in Rut
5th Juvenile Greater Flamingo 
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