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Print & PDI Photographer of the Year League Tables

The league tables (below) indicates to members how well they are doing in this current year. The rankings in the league are denoted by the member who accumulates the most marks from 6 competitions held throughout our season. From the 6 qualifying competitions, members have an opportunity to submit a total of 18 images in both PDIs and Prints. The top 10 highest-scoring images from each section will go towards your league score.

Each member can be identified by their unique membership number. This adds a layer of privacy-protecting the member as the results are openly available on the internet.

Using the table, members are able to identify their progress year on year by being able to review their season average and comparing it with previous seasons. This is a fairer way of ascertaining any improvement or regression.

The highest mark indicates to the member any opportunities to improve on this season. The lowest mark again indicates whether a member has any room to improve on forthcoming competitions.

PDI & Prints League Table 2023/24
PDI League Table.jpg
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