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Meeting Report - 27/9/2023

Editing in Photoshop - Ross McKelvey

Another sterling evening last night at club, we were treated to a live editing session by no other than Ross McKelvey.

We were taken from start to finish through Ross' workflow which is simple yet extremely effective! He often stated less is more and this was most certainly the case with the work he produced. Turning what was an ordinary shot into something quite extraordinary.

The thing I think that struck a chord with me and that will certainly make a difference to my own shots is that we should not be afraid of noise. I myself worry about cranking up the ISO and causing my picture to look like the background of a snow globe but Ross' advice was to get the shot and worry about it later. He demonstrated the benefits of this with a kingfisher shot and then talked us through how he ensured the noise disappeared. Pretty simple when you know how!

It's certainly given me a lot to think about, my brain is a whirl of editing tips and techniques both in Lightroom and Photoshop. I just need to find the time to have a go myself. With Richard's talk last week and Ross' talk this week, we are all geared up to be able to create some wonderful pieces of work. I wonder if Ross now regrets letting us book him and give fodder to our cannon when we meet him next at the tri battle with Catchlight and Mallow.

I'm certainly looking forward to the year ahead, next week is our first competition of the season, I can't wait to see what is on offer and to watch the members of our lovely club grow and develop as the season goes on.

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