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Meeting Report - 18/10/2023

L&CPU Portfolio A 

A wonderful relaxed evening last night at our club meeting, as we delighted over Folio A provided by the L&CPU (Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union) the night gave us the chance to chat as a club as we studied each print and de engendered it to work out how the author had created it.


A great opportunity to further our own knowledge and to be inspired. Our very own expert Ian Whiston was on hand to provide his expertise as a judge and a seasoned photographer, assisted by the wonderful Ray, AKA Debbie McGee, although the tutu has not made an appearance for some time. Each print was marked by 3 judges who could award up to 5 marks each. It was really interesting to hear about the marking scheme and how to push your print from a 3 to a 4. Interesting, opinion on each print varied, which mirrors what can happen with judges.


Art is very subjective and people tend to like what they like. Nights like this are a great opportunity for club members to get to know each other better and to have great conversations, the banter certainly flowed last night. I'm sure last night will have inspired those there to create some fabulous shots.

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