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Meeting Report - 6/9/2023

Through Your Lens

Through the Lens night, a chance to show your pictures to the other members and invite constructive feedback. Last nights Through the lens proved to be a real treat on the eyes with some exceptional shots being showcased. It certainly seems we will be in with a good shout with the interclub battles. Our members that joined us last year presented some eye catching and wonderful shots. It will be interesting to see how the league will look with them doing a full year of competitions.

Ian W gave us food for thought when showed us an image from his back catalogue, washed out and grainy. He explained it had been taken many years ago and he had not done anything with it as he thought it was past saving Fast forward to now, updated software to hand and he produced an edited version of the pictures which was poles apart from the original. Just goes to show you should not discount a shot, just make sure you shoot in raw!

Two tips that stood out to me where about focus stacking a landscape to get it crisp and sharp all the way through, shooting foreground, midground and the distant point. The other was from our esteemed gold medal winner Ian W, if you want to bring an eye out on a picture, mask it and “mess about” with the clarity. I’ll certainly be trying that, thanks.

It was great to see members pushing themselves out of their comfort zone either in the shots they have taken or in their editing. It’s great to try new things. A most enjoyable night with laughter and learning.

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