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Meeting Report - 20/9/2023

"It's all in the Processing" with Richard Breland

Richard Breland wowed us last night with his presentation, It’s All in the Processing. He proved that he is not just a credit to the club with his photography but with his presenting skills too.

I took page upon page of notes, that would mean nothing were I to publish them here without the demonstrations Richard gave last night. It was very informative and just the way I learn, seeing the steps in action. From speaking to members after, I was not the only one inspired to want to go home and have a go at Richard’s hokery pokery (if it was not so late, I would have). The tips he showed us were simple but had a massive impact of the finished picture. My favourite was to use the radial gradient mask to add depth. To see the process from start to finish and how a very ordinary shot can be transformed into something that has the potential to turn heads has made me eager to dip into my back catalogue, just as Ian showed us last week. It will be great to have a project to do when we can’t get out due to this wonderful British weather.

Not everyone agrees with all the post processing (cough cough Fraser) but as it was pointed out last night, post processing was being done back in the days of film deep within those dark rooms so why not now use a modern Lightroom to make your pictures pop.


As long as you are only using all your own work, is it really cheating? I know the jury is still out on that one, but it won’t stop me creating the picture that is want, as long as there are no alligators….

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