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Doors & Doorways Report - Comp 6

Doors and doorways, our theme for competition 6, and the last competition of the year, there was still time for the leader board in the photographer of the year to change. Not a usual theme, but voted in nonetheless by our members. There were not as many entries for this competition as we usually get but there was plenty of substance for our judge Jane Lines to mull over. I personally found lots of fun in stalking doors and found myself analyzing every door I saw for its impact as a shot.


There were, as always, some amazing shots.

Jane was a fair judge who gave details feedback on what she did or didn’t like on the night. I would not have liked to be in Jane's shoes, trying to choose between so many varied takes on doors and doorways. Some traditional and somewhere people had thought outside the box. Jane gave a great tip, she said when on location make sure you take lots of shots from different angles, this way you can choose when you get home and you have more time to play around etc.

PDI results:

1st Petar Sobic – Open Doors

2nd Trevor Fillingham – Green or Red

3rd Sue Girling – The Swan

4th Ray Hill - Light Above the Door

5th Russell Dean – School of Art


Prints results:

1st Ray Girling - Doorway to the Taj Mahal

2nd Kath Hill - Secret Door

3rd Ray Girling – Outside the Door to Number Ten

4th Kath Hill – Fortune Teller

5th Sheila Regan – Heavy Metal Palace Doors















It was wonderful again to have the new members doing so well and it's certainly put the frighteners on some of our more established members, next years is going to be a great ride! Paul announced photographer of the year with Ray Girling winning both the PDI and the Prints league, well done Ray, is not only a very talented photographer but a master in magic hokery pokery with your compositional work. I’m keeping everything crossed you wear a tutu to collect your award.

Don’t forget to get your photos in for through the phone, they need to be in by Saturday night, we really need some more to make the night a success. March’s Facebook competition is underway, the theme is spring. There is still plenty of time to get your entries in, don’t forget to hashtag #mcccspring.


If you would like to join us, we are a friendly bunch and welcome new members. You can “Try before you buy!” and come for up to three sessions before you must join. A session costs £2.50 and a membership is £30. We meet on a Wednesday at 7.45 pm at St Andrews Church, Winsford.

Karen Swift

Press & Publicity Officer


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