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How I use my Camera - Preparing for a photo shoot

 - with Geoff Reader

On this Club meeting, our Chairperson Ray Hill introduced long time friend of Mid-Cheshire Camera Club, Geoff Reader (DPAGB / BPE3*) from Alsager Camera Club.


Geoff’s talk was entitled “How I use my Camera - Preparing for a photoshoot” Geoff’s presentation was aimed at encouraging us as amateur photographers into thinking about our photography before we actually pick our camera up.

The planning and preparation are just as important if we want to be able to achieve great results. In terms of a photoshoot well, could be anything.

Geoff currently uses a Canon 6D Mk2, so his presentation was Canon centric but when referring to settings, he did offer equivalent terms on other cameras such as Nikon.

Geoff started off with some basic settings and considerations. These included :

  • Focusing - Examples of how to use focus modes with images and scenarios

  • Drive modes – linked with focusing and explained with examples

  • Exposure

  • Auto modes – their uses and comparison to manual mode

  • ISO

  • White Balance – Geoff’s favourite WB is 5100k

  • Exposure Compensation

  • Blurred or in focus background

The above points were well evidenced in an assortment of images from across an array of different genres.

Geoff went on to discuss :

  • What shutter speed should you use and when

  • Raw -v- Jpeg

  • Composition again with example images

  • What lens to use – providing examples of a subject taken with a number of lenses from wide-angle to telephoto providing a visual example of how a telephoto lens affects the subject (facial features) and how the subject appears in relation to the background.

Finally, Geoff discussed the types of genre that may interest members to venture out to take such as :

  • Wildlife

  • Landscape

  • Architecture

  • Portraits

  • Public Events

Geoff rounded off with some tips for the best kit and how to make images sharper. All in all, this was a delightful presentation covering lots of information in relation to the groundwork of taking a successful image.

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